Watch Van Damme Perform an Epic Split Between Two Moving Trucks

Are you split on what type of vehicle you should buy? Or are you looking to master space and time? Movie tough guy and stuntman Jean-Claude Van Damme performed an “epic split” between two moving Volvo trucks to demonstrate their gracefulness and to prove that he’s still got it!

The video has gone viral and has got folks asking: is it real?

According to the Wall Street Journal, what you see is really what you get. Volvo says Van Damme does actually have one foot on each truck as the two vehicles slowly back up and get farther apart.

But Van Damme wasn’t in any real danger. “Van Damme’s feet [weren’t] secured to the mirrors,” video director Andreas Nilsson told the Journal, “but we had him rigged [with a wire] so that if he would fall off he wouldn’t die, obviously.”

This isn’t to discredit the feat Van Damme undertook. If you notice, the trucks go backwards in the video – this was designed to make the stunt even harder. “We felt that would be the ultimate test, to have the trucks go in reverse with someone standing on the side mirrors performing a side split,” Volvo public relations manager Anders Vilhelmsson told the Journal.

And if that isn’t enough to astonish you, can you imagine the stunt was done in just one take?

van damme split

Video by Volvo Trucks

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