Free-Diver Blows Perfect Bubble Vortex Rings Underwater [VIDEO]

Do you have a unique hidden talent? Something special that only you and maybe a few others can do? Free-diver David Helder can create small bubble vortex rings that travel through the water in all directions, creating intricate patterns with a magical quality to them. Helder’s feat is all the more impressive when you consider how difficult it is to free dive and control water as he does. The video gets particularly interesting around the 2:40 minute mark.

The free-diving group, FreeDivingUAE, who posted the video, writes:

We sat down with the 40-year-old Frenchman to find out a bit more about his story and found a passionate freediver who believes that it’s more than just a sport but rather “something spiritual” that provides him with an escape from the stress of daily life where he feels that we are normally forced to show an altered version of ourselves. For him, being below the surface gives him a chance to be true to himself without having to put on any acts or trying to convince anyone that he is anything other than David.

david helder 1

david helder 2

david helder 3

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