This Kickstarter Project Could Give Us a Water Bottle to Save the Planet

More than 80% of the plastic water bottles we use end up in our oceans as well as in rivers and landfills across the globe. After living in Costa Rica and seeing the pollution first-hand, Carlton Stolle wanted to change all that. And so he founded Treeson.

Treeson water bottles are the first of their kind. They are eco-friendly, toxin-free and trash-eliminating and contain natural spring water. This green bottled water initiative starts by using clean and sustainable production to create the bottles, which are plant-based and biodegradable, contain no GMO materials and are produced in the U.S.

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Beyond creating a more eco-friendly bottle, Treeson is also combatting the recycling problem that exists for existing plastic water bottles. Currently in the U.S. less than 30% of plastic bottles get recycled. Treeson, however, will take its bottles back for free once customers finish with them and will use the returned bottles to generate clean energy. Additionally, to help offset the carbon footprint of its product and restore rain forests around the world, Treeson will plant a tree for every bottle of water it sells.

Besides making it easy for people to go green, Treeson water does not cost more than what we already pay for unnatural, environmentally damaging water bottles.

With only a day and a half to go, the Treeson Kickstarter campaign has almost reached its goal of $95,000. Backers have until Saturday, March 15 at 12 a.m. EST to make sure Treeson is funded!

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Images by Treeson

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