You Have 28,835 Days to Live Your Life: How Will You Spend Them? [VIDEO]

You’re given 28,835 days, give or take a few, to live your life. Though this sounds like a lot, the time you spend completing everyday tasks will sneakily eat away a good portion of those days. Did you know that, throughout the course of your life, you’ll spend 8,477 days sleeping? <Tweet This>

And 1,635 days eating, drinking, and preparing food? Work will take up 3,202 of your days and television another 2,676. <Tweet This>

Plus, household chores like shopping and tending to pets will take up 1,576 days.

When you subtract the time you spend completing these and other tasks, you’ll find that only 2,740 days of free time remain during your adult life. How will you spend those days? Here at DashBurst we believe that time should be spent doing something special. Don’t be unremarkably average: make good use of your days!

Video artist Ze Frank understands how easily our days can slip through our fingers if we are not careful to spend them doing things we love. For this reason he created “The Time You Have (in Jelly Beans),” a video that uses jelly beans to visualize how you spend the days of your life. In the video, each jelly bean represents one day of your life:

How do you spend the jelly beans of your life?

Mark Harai
This was an awesome 'perspective' video, Lauren - thanks for sharing it, miss! : )
Evi Kellerer
Astonishing facts. I'm impressed.
Ramesh Shankerlal
Nothing much...lead a normal day to day life! But living it to the fullest!
Jason Wagner
Eating plenty of jelly beans for at least one of those days.
Alex Vasile
Living, loving and hopefully doing something to improve our world! :)
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