Watch an Amazing Time-Lapse and ‘Love Letter to the Fog of the San Francisco Bay Area’

Get ready to set your memory ‘Adrift’, a beautiful and serene time-lapse video created by Simon Christen as an ode or “love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area” that he “wrote” over the course of two years. In 2010, Simon was responsible for another stunning time-lapse of the Bay Area called ‘The Unseen Sea.’

In order to record these mesmerizing long exposure shots, he used his trusty Canon 40D (the same one he used back in The Unseen Sea) and a Canon 7D, where he always shooting in manual mode snapping a picture about once every 2 to 10 seconds to capture that smooth-like movement. Most of the images you see in the video have been significantly shortened, but each may have taken him 2 to 4 hours to actually take. Capturing this type of mesmerizing footage for a time-lapse recording is never easy, Simon woke up early at 5am many mornings over the last 2 years to drive 45-minutes out to the Marin Headlands just to try and spot these fine moments that would eventually take our senses ‘Adrift.’


Check out The Unseen Sea as well:

Did you enjoy these time-lapse videos?
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Troy Mickins
I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area!
Mark Harai
These were awesome, Daniel - thanks for sharing, sir! : )
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