Daredevil Breaks World Records with Nerve-Racking Tightrope Walks Between Skyscrapers [VIDEO]

Daredevil Nik Wallenda, dubbed “King of the High Wire,” has broken not one, but two world records in tightrope walking. Wallenda achieved the “Highest Incline Tightrope Walk” and the “Highest Blindfolded Tightrope Walk” when he walked between Chicago skyscrapers.

The first walk was over the Chicago River from the 588-foot-tall Marina Tower West to the 671-foot-tall Leo Burnett Building, a distance of 454 feet or over two city blocks. The wire sloped upward at an angle of 11 to 15 degrees, the steepest incline Wallenda has ever attempted.

The second walk began again at the Marine Tower West and ended at Marina Tower East, 100 feet away. Although this walk involved a shorter distance, it was much more frightening as Wallenda was blindfolded, using only his feet as his guide. Both walks were completed using a wire the diameter of a human toe, and without any safety net or harness.

Watch the video, if you dare – you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat with anxiety.

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