Musical Burst: ‘The Way We Do It’ by Jurassic 5

If you haven’t heard by now, the band Jurassic 5 is back together. To celebrate the reunion they’ve released a hype new track produced by hip hop heavyweight Heavy D. Jurassic 5 got started back in 1993 out of Los Angeles as an alternative rap group, but broke up in 2007 after their fourth release citing “musical differences.” Now J5 is back together again and recorded four new tracks with Heavy D to celebrate.

Jurrasic 5 writes about the project:

“The Way We Do It” was produced by Heavy D during our “Feedback” recording sessions. We immediately connected with him as a true Hip Hop hero as well as a great person.

So listen to how J5 does it again and you can even download it over on SoundCloud.

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