Escape To ‘The Quiet’ and Breathtaking World of Northern Norway [TIMELAPSE]

The Lofoten Islands of Northern Norway are a popular spot for traveling photographers to capture the magnificence of the northern lights. Landscape and astro-photographer Nicholas Buer, who also does timelapse cinematography, ventured to the islands to collect images for this breathtaking video he created called ‘The Quiet.’

Buer had initially planned to photograph the vastness of the landscape and its colorful lakes from peaks in the interior of Northern Norway. But a snowstorm right before his trip restricted Buer to lower elevations. He then decided to capture images of the fjords and surrounding mountains at sea level.

Originally I had hoped to evoke emotions of vastness and solitude with this film but upon reviewing the footage I was pleasantly surprised to find I was capturing a different emotion, one of a more understated essence; a peacefulness and a quiet. It just goes to show that when you think you are down on your luck, something beautiful and unexpected can still happen and you get something out of it.

‘The Quiet’ showcases not only the seclusion and tranquility of Northern Norway, but its ruggedness and beauty as well. Watch the timelapse video and get lost in the mesmerizing northern lights and awe-inspriing mountain landscapes.

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