What if ‘The Incredibles’ Was Directed by Christopher Nolan? [VIDEO]

We all know Disney-Pixar’s animated film The Incredibles as a fun superhero movie for all ages. And although it was rated PG for mild “action and violence,” the animated film is pretty much harmless with its playful humor and happy Disney ending. But what if Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan had his go at the film? Filmmaker and movie reviewer Bobby Burns created a new trailer for The Incredibles to show us just what it would be like if Nolan had directed it.

Along the same lines, YouTuber MrStratman7 wanted to know what it would be if action-film director Michael Bays had his way with another Disney-Pixar animated movie, UP. He took the beloved, heartfelt film that tells a fun children’s adventure story and turned it into a dark, action-packed, explosion-riddled movie.

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