The Collection of Every Crazy ‘Facebook Home’ Video Released

Facebook Home is a new integration on Android devices that brings social network updates and friends to the forefront of the smartphone experience. Since introducing Facebook Home last week, Zuckerberg has unleashed a major PR campaign of humorous videos across the web.

Here is the intro video to Facebook Home, to get you started.

Facebook Home

Facebook Home: First Look

And since the introduction video, Facebook has also followed it up with an onslaught of strange yet some what comical pieces.

Facebook Home “Airplane”

Facebook Home “Launch Day”

Facebook Home “Dinner”

It won’t be too long now till we see some Facebook Home parodies pop up with fake Zuckerbergs riding screaming goats around the headquarters or potentially other wild animals or motorized contraptions. But then again could they get any weirder than these official adverts already are?

From watching the videos, you still might not have a great idea what Facebook Home actually does, but does it even matter?

As long as the videos go viral… after all this is social media.

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