‘Bandolier’: A Star Wars Parody of Sia’s Hit Single ‘Chandelier’ [VIDEO]

This year, Sia’s single “Chandelier” peaked at number eight on the Top 100 Billboard chart, becoming the first top ten single for the artist and one of the biggest hits of the year. Inspired or perhaps amused by the song, filmmakers Eddie King and Tyler Marshall of Teddie Films decided to create their own version: ‘Bandolier,’ a musical parody of Sia’s song but with a Star Wars theme. The parody video features a manly Princess Leia dancing around to a song, set to the tune of “Chandelier” but with Star Wars lyrics, and even has an appearance or two by Chewbacca.

The video’s YouTube page explained:

When Han Solo was about to be placed in carbonite, he told Chewie to take care of Princess Leia. What happened after that was almost a love story for the ages. Almost.

Check out Sia’s original video for “Chandelier,” seen below:

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