5 South Korean Ceramic Artists at Work, Showing Focus and Skills [VIDEO]

Who knew watching a ceramic artist at work could be so mesmerizing? The American Museum of Ceramic Art posted a video that showcases five South Korean artists diligently working on their beautiful ceramic pieces.

The video was released in honor of ICHEON: Reviving the Korean Ceramics Tradition, an exhibition organized by the city of Icheon in South Korea. Icheon, not too far from Seoul, is a place rich with ceramic culture and history dating back 5000 years. The city is known internationally for its esteemed ceramic arts events.

Last year, for the first time, Icheon reached out to the American Museum of Ceramic Art to premiere an exhibition of over 230 ceramic objects never before seen in the United States. The objects represent the revival of ceramics culture and tradition in Korea, from longstanding techniques to present-day innovations. The exhibition was open October 12th – December 29th, 2013.

Ceramics Master Lee Hyang-Gu

Lee Hyang-Gu

Ceramics Master Kim Seong-Tae

Kim Seong-Tae

Ceramics Master You Yong-Chul

You Yong-Chul

Ceramics Master Choi In-Gyu

Choi In-Gyu

Ceramics Master Jo Se-Yeon

Jo Se-Yeon

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