‘Sounds of Paragliding’: the Many Sensational Noises You Hear When Paragliding

Have you ever been adventurous enough to go paragliding? If not, director Shams and sound engineer Thibaut Dorscotte teamed up to show you what it feels and sounds like. To do so, the filmmaking duo took their special equipment into the skies with aerobatic paraglider Théo de Blic, to record the sounds made while flying high above France.

The video starts as de Blic unfolds and prepares his paraglider. The music is slow and soft, so that the sounds of his preparation seem to rise to the surface. We watch de Blic gliding over towns and past waterfalls. Then, about two-minutes into the video, the music cuts and, hundreds of feet in the air, de Blic begins an acrobatic routine. The sound of the paragliding seems suddenly amplified and you feel like you’re right there.

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