Musical Burst: Souls of Mischief and Snoop Dog Return to Remind Us ‘There Is Only Now’

Some people are stuck in the past while others have a constant eye towards the future, but one simple fact remains: “There Is Only Now.” However if you told me there was a new Souls of Mischief song out, I’d just as quickly assume I’ve traveled back in time to the early 90s and days of old school hip hop‘s past. But low and behold this new track featuring Snoop Dogg and staying true to the familiar sounds of yesteryear. The Souls of Mischief got started by way of Oakland, California back in 1991 and also are part of the hip hop collective known as Hieroglyphics.

While the song warns of looking too much into the future at the behest of the present, fans can look forward to a new Souls of Mischief concept album on August 26, presented by Adrian Younge of Linear Labs, a Los Angeles-based recording studio. The production will be narrated by Ali Shaheed Muhammed of A Tribe Called Quest and Younge said about the concept album:

Souls of Mischief almost gets killed by some dude that was just crazy and the whole album just starts off with this incident, and then it blossoms into these different stories that are a result of this volatile incident. And that’s basically what that album is about. It’s dope though. It’s really dope. As far as stylistically, it’s kind of like if Bob James and Herbie Hancock recorded with Q-Tip back in the day… It’s Native Tongues shit, you know what I’m saying, so that’s what I’m super psyched about.

And until then, enjoy one of the greatest hip hop songs ever made from “93 ’till Infinity” below.

You can preorder the new album on iTunes here:

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