Sony Unboxes the Playstation 4 with a Weird Homage to Daft Punk

Are you ready to get yourself a new PS4 on November 15th? Sony just put out a new video unboxing the highly-anticipated console in the same familiar futuristic server room used in Daft Punk‘s Random Access Memories unpackaging and preview. A leather-wrapped pair of hands then begins to inspect each item of the box’s content including a network voucher, quick start guide, DualShock 4 controller, HDMI cable, AC cord, mono headset and a USB cable just before the ultimate PlayStation 4 console prize is held up high, reflecting the light from the servers!

PS4 System

At the end the secret agent appears to be Shuhei Yoshida, none other than the president of Sony Worldwide Studios who closes out the homage with the line “greatness awaits,” followed by the robotic “Playstation.”

Here you can see the inspiration behind this all with the Daft Punk original:

So are you buying a PS4 or Xbox One this holiday season?

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