Snowboarding the Streets of New York City [VIDEO]

Are you tired of the snowy winter yet? Here are a few Olympic-inspired ways you can take advantage of the few weeks of freezing climate Punxsutawney Phil predicted when he saw his shadow. Take Casey Neistat, for example, who was spotted (in a neon green jacket) snowboarding through New York City while hooked to the back of a Jeep.

In the viral video (above), you can see Neistat traversing the icy curbs of NYC to the backdrop of a De La Soul instrumental and the song “KracK” by Soulwax.

Neistat claims the video is not a Jeep advertisement, but he wouldn’t mind some love from the car manufacturer as a thank-you for the cameo:

I just really like my truck. But I would appreciate some sort of compensation, maybe another jeep, so if you read this jeep people just go ahead a deliver whatever your fanciest toughest jeep is to 368 Broadway #201 NYC 10013. also before delivery put a new proper bumper on the front and back and winch and a snorkel.

Snowboarding jeep

Snowboarding NYC

Snowboarding New York City

via Lustik

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