‘The Art of Inspiration’: Snoop Dogg Talks About What Painting Means to Him [VIDEO]

Did you know that American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg is also a painter? In a collaboration with Swedish sock company Happy Socks, Snoop Dogg released a video called “The Art of Inspiration,” which discusses his passion for painting and how it helps him as an artist.

In the video, Snoop Dogg talks about how painting is another way for him to express his creativity and his experiences, particularly the struggles he has endured. It gives him an emotional freedom that he cannot find elsewhere:

I think painting for me gives me emotion like no other. I can cry while I’m painting. I can laugh while I’m painting. I can be serious while I’m painting. I don’t have no parameters. When I’m acting, there’s certain things I can’t do. When I’m rapping, there’s certain things I can’t do. There are certain things I won’t do…But with the painting, there’s no limit.

Snoop Dogg’s paintings are only sold at private events, but the socks he designed for Happy Socks are for sale on the company’s website.

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