Happy National Small Business Week [VIDEO] #SBW2013

Did you know that 60 percent of new jobs each year come from small businesses? Many small businesses play a vital role in the American economy and support the ecosystem of larger companies like Google. This week just happens to be National Small Business Week, so lets celebrate: cheers to all the entrepreneurs and small business owners out there!

Small Business Week is a national recognition event to honor some of the country’s top entrepreneurs each year. Award winners are applauded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and a collection of event co-hosts, including President Obama. This year, National Small Business Week celebrates 50 years of small business recognition by touring Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX, St. Louis, MO, Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, D.C. Each city will all host daylong events featuring great small business resources, mentoring, and speakers. On the final day of Small Business Week, the National Small Business Person of the Year will be named from a pool of 54 candidates (one from each state and U.S. territory) who run a wide range of high-tech businesses, from a printing company to a helicopter pilot school. In an effort to further drive innovation and increase America’s global competitiveness, men and women involved in disaster recovery, government procurement, and business champions will also be honored throughout the week.

Live stream of National Small Business Week – SBW2013

Live video by Ustream

We’re grateful for what small business provide us and our local communities. Whether it’s running a pizza shop, offering piano lessons to aspiring musicians, or brewing the best cup of coffee or tea that’s ever filled my mug, when you do what you love, your happiness shows, and your happiness is contagious. Because of small business our world becomes a better place.

Jim Douglass
Nice. People literally roll the dice in the hopes of making a successful business, if they lose they in most cases lose everything. Kudos that we still have people like them!
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