Slow Motion Destruction of iPhones Filmed on an iPhone 5s [VIDEO]

For those of you who think you’ve already fulfilled every iPhone fetish known to man, perhaps we’ve found one more activity to indulge your senses. Today we present to you the brilliant, if not painful, slow motion destruction of iPhones using everyday household items. Filmed by Jeremiah Warren on an iPhone 5s at 120 fps, you’re sure not to miss any of the hysteria.

Here at DashBurst we acknowledge that humans have an inclination toward accidentally destroying our phones, especially by dropping them. To help prevent such accidents from happening, we’ve demoed products to help your phone never get wet again. But blatantly dropping our smartphones into a jar of soda, a grill, or just directly setting our phones on fire, as shown in this video, isn’t very smart. It may cause even the most calm and collected Apple fanboy to flip his lid.

That’s right, folks, it turns out that the Kings Of Leon aren’t the only things “on fire” these days. If the entire experience of watching the iPhones destroyed wasn’t smooth enough for you, wait until 0:43 when one of the victim iPhones is coated with a layer of peanut butter to sweetly top things off at the end!
iphone in coke

We asked Jeremiah about his inspiration behind the video and wanted to know how many times he’s actually unintentionally broken his smartphone:

When I had my iPhone 3Gs I messed up the audio jack when my headphones were ripped out. I changed out the jack myself and accidentally messed up the home button in the process. I learned to leave DIY phone fixing to more experienced people. I’ve dropped my old 4s on concrete and rocks about 5 different times, but amazingly the screen has stayed intact.

I waited in line at the Apple store last Friday so that I could get the new iPhone 5s as soon as possible. I had a few videos ideas in mind, including the slow motion destruction one. I was attending a conference on the same day so I was only able to film the destruction video, but it has done well view wise, so I’m happy.

Also, according to Jeremiah, “Zero phones were injured while making the video. I used fake dummy phones. :)” Apple fans and the spirit of Steve Jobs can rest easy again!

iphone on grill

iphone on fire

iphone peanut butter
Are you, like me, weirdly amused by this video of destruction or do these actions make you feel sick and considered sacrilege?

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