Extreme Skydivers Make Beautiful Sky Art by Lighting Themselves on Fire [VIDEO]

You’ve seen fireworks, but have you ever seen people lit on fire flying through the night sky? Team Fastrax, a skydiving and parachute demonstration team, performed a night skydive with pyrotechnics attached to their ankles, allowing fire to shoot out as they soared back to earth. The display, called Pyro, created sensational shapes and streaks of light, forming beautiful art in the night sky. It is now the team’s most in demand show.

Since its formation in 2002, Team Fastrax has performed thousands of exhibition skydives around the world from New York City and Washington D.C. to Moscow, Russia, and Normandy, France. Currently comprised of more than 20 members, the team has performed over 300,000 dives. A statement on the team’s website reads:

We know that the breadth and depth of exhibition skydiving venues is deep and wide and we have not seen it all.

What’s next from the extreme skydiving team?

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