Skydivers Save Friend’s Life by Scrambling to Pull His Parachute After He Gets Knocked Unconscious Mid-Jump

Have you ever thought about going skydiving? What could ever go wrong?

Well, there are probably a couple of things that could go astray, unfortunately, and in this terrifying video you’ll find one of them to be getting knocked unconscious mid-flight! James Lee went for a skydive with a few buddies in Wiltshir when he was struck by another diver around 12,500 feet in the air and put on a potential high-speed collision course plummeting towards the earth. Very fortunately for him, some of his friends noticed something went wrong and barreled after him. After steering him towards a relatively safe location, they helped deploy his parachute, and only a few seconds later under the canopy did he actually regain consciousness and make a safe landing no worse for the wear!

james lee skydive knockout

Dramatic moment unconscious skydiver rescued mid air captured on helmet camera

Have you ever went skydiving before? Was the drama depicted in this video enough to prevent you from ever doing so again?

Video via Telegraph / Cater News

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