57 Skydivers Break World Record By Forming Two Human Patterns in the Air [VIDEO]

Fifty seven skydivers set a world record by assembling two formations while falling at 180 miles per hour through the air. The divers, all world-class athletes, jumped out of three separate planes from a height of 16,000 feet.

During the 45 second fall, the divers linked arms to form the first-ever, two-point, 57-person vertical formation. The skydivers then released their grips and maneuvered into a second shape. The exact formations were determined before the stunt occurred and, once achieved, it was the first successful completion of a stunt of its kind.

Longtime skydiver and the group’s photographer, Norman Kent, explains:

The team linked in a pre-determined shape formation and then transitioned to a second predetermined formation before having to separate to safely open their parachutes before reaching the ground. Building two formations is much harder than one – making the record an incredibly difficult feat. It took several weeks to prepare the event and select the people and several jumps to practice on site.

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