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Watch a Friendly Skateboarding Skeleton in This Light Painting Stop Motion Video

“You’re never too old to skateboard,” writes Los Angeles-based light painting artist Darren Pearson on his latest video, “Light Goes On.” Pearson spent one year making this stop-motion film about a skateboarding skeleton, using over 700 light painted frames. In spite of this skateboarder’s ancient age, I have to admit he’s got quite a few moves, and he’s debuted just in time for Halloween.

Pearson creates life-size, fun and enchanting characters like dinosaurs and skeletons through light painting in the varying landscapes of California. By using a small light source and a long exposure on his camera, Pearson captures light sculptures that last for only a moment before fading out of view forever. Despite their completeness, none of Pearson’s pieces were created using Photoshop – rather, he paints at rapid speed so his camera can capture all of his work in one moment.

In the stills below see the skeleton breakdancing, grinding on railings in front of a Walt Disney sign and wiping out by the beach.

Visit Pearson’s website to purchase his light painting photographs.

via Colossal

Can you skateboard as well as this skeleton?