Watch an Amazing Urban Time-Lapse Tour: This is Shanghai [VIDEO]

Did you know back in the early ’80s, Shanghai didn’t have any skyscrapers at all? Today, it boasts more than 4,000 – approximately twice as many as New York City! And fortunately for us, photographer Rob Whitworth and urban nomad JT Singh joined forces to take us on a tour deep into the heart of the city with some stunning camera work. “This is Shanghai” will take you on a roller coaster ride that weaves through impressive architecture and iconic landmarks of Shanghai, traveling by land and sea.

No matter where you are in town, the city skyline is ever present with the looming silhouette of the Shanghai tower peering over in the background. Once construction is completed come 2014, it’s expected to be the tallest building in China, and second highest skyscraper in the world behind only Burj Khalifa in Dubai! To gain a better vantage point of the city, the team went on a rigorous urban exploration in which JT said “we walked, walked and walked, the Jane Jacobs way.” They also made use of China’s leading social media platform, Weibo, to connect with the local Shanghainese to hear their different views about what really makes the city tick.

Rob Whitworth is an internationally acclaimed time-lapse photographer originally from the UK and now residing in Asia. His partner here, JT Singh, based out of China, has explored hundreds of urban landscapes and emerging cities around the world. He explains their motivation behind the video:

The over-riding reason we made this video was to creatively show the world visually how China is rising, in particular Chinese cities. Just as New York City exemplified the strengths and ambitions of emerging America in the 20th century, Shanghai, perhaps more than any old or emerging rival, will personify the power and dreams of rising Asia in the 21st century.

Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China

Pudong, Shanghai, China

Pudong, Shanghai, China

Yan An Lu Gap Jia, Shanghai, China

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China

Pudong, Shanghai, Chinavia petapixel

When you watch this video, you’ll feel the adrenaline rush as you reach the very top of the city and look out upon the vast urban jungle of Shanghai!

Jim Douglass
Funny even though I have been to Hong Kong, Korea Thailand and others I still think of the old sailing ship days where they used to "recruit" crews there! Super modern city!
Always wanted to visit Shanghai, this video makes me want to go even more!
Daniel Zeevi
I hear that :)
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