The Science of Cats [VIDEO]

The internet loves cats but did you know cats spend about 85% of their day doing absolutely nothing and just sitting around? But when they are moving, or falling off of tall objects, they always seem to land on their feet. Why is that? This is because of the Righting Reflex which helps correct the orientation of their bodies. As shown in the AsapSCIENCE video, cats have a great feel for motion and gravity sensing abilities allowing them to easily determine which way is down, as well as a flexible backbone and no collarbone allowing them to quickly whip around and land gracefully when need be. Cats can also see much better than us in dim lights. Now interestingly, we still don’t know why cats really purr! Cats tend to purr in both pleasurable situations and when under duress or injured.

While many people believe it’s a means of communication, one theory suggest that the frequency at which cats purr at 24-140 Hz, promotes healthy bone and muscle growth, Since cats have adapted to a royal lifestyle of frequent rest and sleeping around, this may be a low energy mechanism to stay fit! Maybe I should try a low pitch hum while sitting at my computer all day 🙂
So do you think science can explain the behavior of your cat?

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Louise Montgrain
Why does Grumpy Cat looks so Grumpy? ;)
Sarah Wilson
Total fun - love your stuff!
Dave Gabbett
I've seen a lot of cats do a lot of strange things. Still haven't seen one land on it's back!
Terri Nakamura
Fascinating, Daniel Zeevi. My cat has a Facebook page and Twitter account and this seems perfect for him to share!
Daniel Zeevi
Haha Terri, how many fans does he have?
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