Sam Smith Releases Video for ‘I’m Not The Only One,’ Featuring Actors Chris Messina and Dianna Agron

In July, Sam Smith released “I’m Not The Only One,” the latest single from his album, In The Lonely Hour. Smith recently revealed the music video for this emotional song about a husband who commits adultery. The video features actors Chris Messina and Dianna Agron, and is as heartbreaking as the song.

Glee star Diana Agron plays the part of the torn wife who remains silent as her unfaithful husband, played by The Mindy Project star Chris Messina, breaks her heart. Though Agron may stay quiet, she lets her actions speak for her by burning Messina’s clothes while he’s off having his affair.

“I’m Not the Only One” was released in the US on July 2 and is set to be released in the UK as a digital download on August 31, 2014.

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