Watch a Man Get a Sweet Reverse Haircut in This Stop-Motion Short Film

still from 'ballpoint barber' with moustache

Still from 'ballpoint barber' with hair

Have you ever wished your hairdresser could swipe some hair back onto your head after a bad haircut? In his stop-motion film “Ballpoint Barber,” Peter Simon becomes such a barber. Using a ballpoint pen to draw hair onto the bald head of model Tom Offer-Westort, Simon turns common sense on its head. He and his crew used 300 printed photographs to create the “Ballpoint Barber!”

“Ballpoint Barber” is a sequel to “Trim,” Simon’s original reverse haircut video published about two years ago. Perhaps in all this time Offer-Westort decided he wanted to go bald again.

Learn more about the making of “Ballpoint Barber” in this behind the scenes video.

via Colossal

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