Internet Explorer Wants You to Rethink What the Web Can Be

Microsoft wants you to rethink your relationship with IE. While you two may have grown up together in the 90s, there have been a few rough patches ever since, not to mention your ongoing love affair with Chrome. So in its latest advertising campaign, the new IE wants to show you a Web of things that you didn’t believe were ever possible. From enhancing your gaming and entertainment to its suite of internet-connected Office applications, IE is looking to create a faster and more visual experience online. Some of the new features IE is touting include full screen browsing, multi-tasking (like Skyping while browsing) and enhanced reading views and organization.

IE wants to become a browser that “takes what you know in the real world and brings it to life.”

Internet Explorer   Rethink What the Web Can Be

IE 1

IE 3

IE 4

IE 2

Are you ready to give Internet Explorer another chance?

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