Facebook News Feeds Will Feature a Grown Man-Baby from Progressive Insurance Ads

If anyone should act his age, it’s the man in these new Progressive Insurance commercials. In an attempt to target young audiences, Progressive has released an ad campaign about growing up, encouraging potential young customers to ditch their parent’s insurance and get their own. There are four 15-second ads that display a grown man acting like a baby by sitting in a baby sling, spitting up, drinking milk and more.

To reach millennials, Progressive has decided to release the ad campaign onto Facebook. It is one of the first campaigns to be featured on as video ads news feeds, costing Progressive as much as $1 million per day.

With limited spots for advertising, only between seven and 15 companies will get ad space on Facebook, so Progressive is lucky to have made the cut.

Enjoy Progressive’s grown man-baby ads here:

via Mashable

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