Polar Spirits: An Epic Northern Lights Time-Lapse Video

There have been some amazing time-lapse recordings of the northern lights over the years, but prepare to get blown away by this masterpiece, Polar Spirits from Ole C. Salomonsen. He shot this video mostly in the northern arctic Norway area, close to the city of Tromsø, which is often referred to as “the northern lights city.” A few scenes were also sprinkled in from Finland and Sweden. Ole used a Canon DSLR and various lenses, along with rails and time-lapse gear from Dynamic Perception. He went on to describe the whole experience:

“In the film I have tried to show the slower majestic dancing lights, as well as the more faster, dramatic and abstract shows, and finally the auroras in combination with city lights and urban elements.

This year the coast of northern Norway was overwhelmed with humpback whales, which are absolutely magnificent and beautiful creatures. While watching the auroras and shooting the opening sequence of this video I could hear the whales breaching and blowing air in the fjord. It was an absolutely magic experience.”







via fubiz

Ami Diabetic
WOW! thank you!
Tracy Kauffman
Nice video and amazing photos.
Daniel Zeevi
Glad you enjoyed it Sheri!
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