How to Change the Plastic State of Mind

You’re checking out at the grocery store and a cashier asks you, “Would you like paper or plastic?” Why are we even asking this question anymore?

Did you know that we use one million grocery bags every minute? In the U.S, 95% of all shoppers go home with a plastic bag. Our lack of proper recycling and disposal methods leads to these bags breaking up into little pieces, infiltrating our food and blood with harmful chemicals like PCB and BPA. How can we stop this spread of nasty chemicals?

“Plastic State of Mind,” a parody of Jay-Z‘s “Empire State of Mind,” says that banning single-use plastic bags is the way to proceed. The video was written and directed by Ben Zolno, featuring an awesome cast of volunteers on behalf of Green Sangha, an organization that looks to heal our communities and planet through mindful practice and awakened action.

The song urges all of us to call our representatives in Congress to push the ban of plastic bags in our state, if our state hasn’t done so already. As the song says:

Skip the bag, the cup + spork dude, convenience will kill you, ban single use plastic toxic bags.”

your life is wrapped in plastic

one million grocery bags per minute

plastic bags problems

into your food supply

sustainability without plastic

ban single use plastic bags

So the next time you go grocery shopping, bring your own reusable and sustainable bag, dude!
via Upworthy

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