‘Deconstructed Piano’, a Time Lapse of a Piano Being Burned to the Ground [VIDEO]

If you ever wanted to watch a musical instrument being burned to the ground, here is your chance. Austrian filmmaker Laurin Döpfner created a short time lapse video entitled “Deconstructed Piano,” in which a wooden piano is burned down and completely destroyed by two heat guns.

The guns were set to the piping hot temperature of 650° celsius, to burn the piano to the point of collapse. The destruction was shot with four cameras and took around eight hours in total to film. Döpfner cut it down to four minutes, with one frame every six seconds, and set the footage to the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven to create this powerful time lapse.

On the video upload page on Vimeo, Döpfner explains:

“Deconstructed Piano” considers the gradual destruction of instrumental music through digital sound generators. The Moonlight Sonata is corrupted in an assault by two robots. The Sonata represents the agony and grief suffered by the piano.

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