Internet ‘Blows’ Up With Photoshopped Pictures of Lance Stephenson and Lebron James

Game five of the Eastern Conference Finals in the NBA Playoffs was a fierce match between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers. The Pacers just barely escaped elimination by three points with the help of Pacers’ shooting guard Lance Stephenson, who went above and beyond to help them take home the saving win.

Not only did Stephenson provide his team with explosive energy, he also helped the Pacers in nontraditional ways, like blowing in the ear of Lebron James. Sports reporters and fans have been talking about that incident, ever since catching that now-infamous moment on television. But Stephenson’s silly yet bold move has also circled the Internet through photoshopped pictures.

Here is a sample of photoshopped pictures from Twitter, showing you just how much fun the NBA playoffs can be even if your team isn’t in the running.









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