You May Be Able to Charge Your Phone in Just 30 Seconds With This New Charger

It’s bad enough when your phone doesn’t keep its charge throughout the day, but it can be just as frustrating when it won’t charge fast enough. This is why Israeli startup StoreDot, Ltd. is releasing a prototype charger that would rejuvenate your phone in just 30 seconds.

StoreDot, which came out of the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University, revealed its charger at Microsoft’s Think Next conference in Tel Aviv this morning. Though originally designed for the Samsung Galaxy 4, the charger will be made to be compatible with other smartphones as well.

The product is still in the works, especially when it comes to size. Currently the charger is about as big as a laptop charger, but the company’s engineers are working on reducing its size.

StoreDot estimates its charger will cost about twice as much as traditional phone chargers and will be produced commercially in 2016.

Could this device become the most convenient charger out there?

via the Wall Street Journal

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