Pharrell Williams’ New Bonus Track ‘Smile’ Surfaces on the Internet

Pharrell Williams must really be in a good mood lately given his recent song titles like “Happy” and now bonus track “Smile.” That bonus track, featured on the Japanese release of Wiliams’ latest album G I R L. The song is upbeat and optimistic, as Williams sings about how delighted he is to be a father. It includes lyrics like “Never give up on the things that, that can make you smile,” “Your known life is full of pressure, but don’t you break, just know a smile is a curve that sets everything straight,” and “I have no fear cause fear stands for, false evidence of appearin’ real.”

Williams recently revealed that the song “Happy” was originally meant for recording artist Cee Lo Green, who passed up the major hit. Watch the music videos for “Happy” and “Marilyn Monroe,” Williams’ latest music video upload, below:

via Rolling Stone

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