Paul McCartney Brings a Robot to Life For His ‘Appreciate’ Music Video

Former Beatles member Paul McCartney is proving that age doesn’t matter when it comes to technology. The music video for his song “Appreciate” features a robot that encounters McCarney and then follows the musician around through a museum of different human scenarios.

However, the video doesn’t feature just any robot; it features a robot that McCartney dreamed up. The robot, named Newman for “new-man,” was originally meant to be used as artwork for McCartney’s New album but instead became the star of the “Appreciate” music video. McCartney says, “I woke up one morning with an image in my head of me standing with a large robot” and “[t]ogether with the people who had done the puppetry for the worldwide hit War Horse, we developed the robot who became Newman.”

At the beginning of the video, the robot is walking the galleries of the Museum of Man. Then McCartney comes to life and joins his tech companion. They dance through the halls, observing various scenes from human life like a kid playing soccer, elder folk playing cards and a family at dinner.

As the video concludes with the two playing music together, interrupted by McCartney returning to his museum display, you get the sense that humans and technology are much more closely intertwined than we sometimes believe.

Take a look at McCartney’s “Appreciate” music video starring a robot.

mccartney appreciate screenshot 1

mccartney appreciate screenshot 2

mccartney appreciate screenshot 3

mccartney appreciate screenshot 4

via Rolling Stone

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