‘Paris in Motion’ Part V: The Fifth in a Series of Incredible Paris Time-Lapses [VIDEO]

In 2012, French photographer and filmmaker Mayeul Akpovi launched a video project to explore his city of Paris. Now, two years later, Akpovi has finished his project with “Paris in Motion (Part 5),” which takes us on a charming, final time-lapse journey through the city.

Akpovi has traveled to other French cities as well, like Lyon and Marseille, filming separate hyper-lapse videos of the magnificent country.

On the “Paris in Motion (Part 1)” Vimeo page, Akpovi explains:

Paris in Motion is a series of stop-motion time-lapse (hyperlapse) videos about the city of Paris (France). Filmed frame by frame with manual camera movements, composed of more than 30,000 photographs it allows you to visit some of the most beautiful monuments and human activities of the French capital in a few minutes.

You can see Akpovi’s first four videos of the project here:

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