Go on a Breath-Taking Virtual Paragliding Journey

Paragliding can be a pretty extreme sport as people look to traverse complicated landscapes by flying through the air. But the video you are about to see by Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is just a “Touch” on the wild side.

Most people will tell you the hardest thing about flying or any parachute-type jump is the landing. But Chandelier has perfected that art form and, using dramatic camera work, shows you what it’s like to touch down on mountains, coast lines and swimming pools. He even pulls a daring landing on a moving bus for the finale!

Similar to some of the stunt maneuvers shown in the video, you’ll probably be doing a few back flips by the time you are done watching this!

paragliding bus landing

Touch   Jean Baptiste Chandelier

You can also check out Chandelier’s “Urban Side” here:

via Mashable

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