Musical Burst: ODESZA Wants You to Get ‘Faded’ to Their Latest ZHU Remix

Some songs were just meant to be remixed. The latest hit by Los Angeles-based producer ZHU not withstanding. The song has been “Faded” by at least five different groups as part of a remix collaboration effort just released by A Mind Of A Genius including The Magician, ODESZA, Amtrac, Lido and Taches. The ODESZA version featured in the audio video here comes in pretty strong from start to finish with a sound highlighting the best of the new hip hop slash electronic vibe; and why people are getting pretty excited to hear more of ODESZA. The group is set to go on tour this September starting in the West Coast.

You can also check out the original “Faded” version by ZHU here:

How’re you feeling after listening to this latest ODESZA remix?

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