‘#NYC’, a Time-Lapse Adventure Around NYC with an Actual, Handheld Hashtag Sign [VIDEO]

Do you have the time to see all there is to see in New York City? Probably not. Fortunately, Polish filmmaker Piotr Wancerz created a time-lapse of the city, showcasing many iconic areas and landmarks. What makes this video unique is that Wancerz integrates social media by using a handheld hashtag sign, carried by model Roza Puzynowska. Wancersz, fittingly, chose the title “#NYC” for the time-lapse.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Wancerz explains:

A few months ago I was invited to make a video of New York City. We spent amazing time exploring the city, walking through those crowdy streets and parks, making thousands of pictures, trying to catch the energy of the city that never sleeps, just to pass it along to you later in a video project that we decided to call simply: #NYC. So sit back, turn your speakers on and enjoy this journey with us. Just fasten your seat belts first…

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