NSA Pixar Logo Animation

After the discovery of Prism, a secret NSA and government surveillance program in cahoots with many of our favorite technology companies, a new subculture of NSA comics and artwork appears to have been born. Protesters marched on July 4th in hopes of restoring our basic rights covered by the 4th Amendment, but did big brother happen to hear that call? Another way some creative individuals are hoping to spur change is through the virality of humor and social media. Hey, if we’re being recorded, we can at least have a good time on camera!

The NSA animation above by thereal135i was inspired by another redditor, sexualweasel with the initial sketch below:
nsa pixar
And soon after the sketch and animation went viral, another creative video designer Sqorck put the final touches together in this animated video:

USA vs NSA Animation

nsa animation
The message, yes we scan!
yes we scan

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