The NSA Is After You Dressed as Santa in This Hilarious ACLU Ad Spot

You better watch out, you better not Skype, you better log out, yeah you better not type, the NSA is coming to town.” What if the NSA played Santa and snuck down your chimney to spy on your personal life this holiday season? Don’t be silly – the NSA doesn’t need a chimney to find out about you. Simply use any of your internet-connected electronic devices and the NSA will be checking that you’re not up to anything suspicious.

This is the message the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) conveys in its recent hilarious ad spot. Warning that the NSA is “making a list, checking it twice, they’re watching almost every electronic device,” the ad follows an NSA agent disguised as Santa as he spies on pedestrians around New York. Through the ad, the ACLU is encouraging people to sign a petition for the government to repeal the surveillance state sections of the Patriot Act and FISA.

the NSA is coming to town ACLU ad spot screencap

Have you petitioned the government to end its spying programs?

Screencap via acluvideos
via Co.Create by Fast Company

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