Explore North Korea Like Never Before in Another Incredible Flow-Motion Timelapse [VIDEO]

Previously, urban filmmaker and photographer Rob Whitworth showed us the beauty of Barcelona using his unique style of timelapse video, which he calls “flow-motion.” Now, Whitworth takes us on an incredible “flow-motion” journey through another city, this time exposing us to the less familiar North Korea.

For the video “Enter Pyongyang,” Whitworth collaborated with colleague JT Singh, a “city-­branding pioneer” according to his Vimeo. Neither Whitworth or Singh were paid to do the video, with all of their expenses covered by Koryo tours. On the Vimeo posting, Singh elaborates on their video:

Blending time-lapse photography, acceleration and slow motion, HD and digital animation, they have produced a cutting‐edge panorama of a city hardly known, but one emerging on the visitor’s landscape as North Korea’s opening unfolds.

North Korea was a country that, for a long time, seemed to resist change. But now, it is a vibrant country full of potential, with inter-continental economic cooperation, a rising place in the mobile phone industry and a surge in tourism. “Enter Pyongyang” captures the promises and possibilities of a bright future in the country, along with the spirit of the North Korean people:

This video is the single most significant multi-­media contribution to transcending clichés about North Korea as a society defined by reclusiveness and destitution. To travel there is to witness a proud civilization, though one caught in a Cold War time-warp. Korean cultural traditions are meticulously preserved and displayed in authentic richness.

Whitworth told us that “there is one scene where we asked some women wearing national dress to walk in a straight line (at 01:27.) Other than that we were shooting what was happening in front of us.” Whitworth also mentioned that the entire video was shot in four days.

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