’43ºS’: a New Zealand Timelapse of the Country’s Landscape Viewed Through a Crystal Ball [VIDEO]

What comes to mind when you think of a crystal ball? Wizards? Psychics? Beautiful landscape photography?

Photographer Justin Besser puts the crystal ball to creative use in his timelapse video of New Zealand’s South Island.

In Bessers’s video, you see the same landscape in the background and in the crystal ball. The image in the crystal ball, however, is warped by the round glass and the background is flipped upside down. (In the opening image, though, it’s the reverse: the landscape is right-side up and its reflection in the crystal ball is inverted.) This innovative use of the crystal ball gives you a unique and intriguing perspective that you can’t find in many videos.

To emphasize the New Zealand landscape, Besser illuminates the crystal ball with colors and turns the background black-and-white. He then shows the scenes regularly in the video, so the audience does not miss the undistorted glory of New Zealand.

On the video’s Vimeo page, Besser states:

Midway through this year I travelled to the south island of New Zealand. Packed a few bits of camera gear, some hiking boots & a crystal ball, loaded into a camper van and headed off with a sense of creative adventure.

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