Instant Streaming Too Convenient for You? Have a Netflix Drone Fly You a DVD [VIDEO]

When Amazon announced that its 30-minute drone delivery service, Amazon Prime Air, was in development, the idea was so out-there that everyone just had to parody it. After amusing caricatures, from book-delivering owls to stork drones delivering babies, were released, the parodies seemed to dwindle down spoken jokes told in passing – until Netflix joined the parody game.

In a mock ad created for the Netflix DVD division’s annual meeting, General Manager Hank Breeggemann announces Drone 2 Home, Netflix’ “groundbreaking” home delivery DVD subscription service.

Is instant online streaming too convenient for you? Then order a DVD from Netflix and have your movie brought to you in mere seconds no matter if you’re on a camping trip, driving your car or even using the urinal. Rest assured, unlike other companies rushing untested technology to market, Netflix has “literally spent days” working out “most of the bugs” in its drone delivery service.

Though the video was meant to be viewed internally, it appears to have been leaked to the public by Breeggemann himself. Laugh away, and enjoy!

Netflix Drone 2 Home car delivery screencap

Netflix Drone 2 Home urinal delivery screencap

via TechCrunch

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