How a Motorcycle and Two Inspiring Grandfathers Changed This Videographer’s Worldview

Douglas Gautraud lives in a world of virtual friendships and intangible reality, yet he constantly craves a more corporeal and material life. This is why he admires his grandfathers, who raced sailboats, went fishing, made wood carvings, and rode John Deere lawnmowers. These hobbies – all of which require at least some physical exertion – represent to Gautraud what life should be all about.

To get more in touch with the world around him (and keep his eyes off of Facebook), Gautraud tries to follow in the footsteps of his grandfathers by buying himself a motorcycle. What he learns next will not only change his worldview but also end up putting the motorcycle into his mother’s hands.

Screencap from My Mom's Motorcycle

“My Mom’s Motorcycle” is an entry in the My RØDE Reel, an international short film competition. To support “My Mom’s Motorcycle” and help Gautraud win thousands of dollars worth of film gear, vote here. Learn about the making of “My Mom’s Motorcycle” here.

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