Get a Virtual Tour of This Stormtrooper’s Out-of-This-World Home [VIDEO]

It seems unfair that this stormtrooper’s house is nicer than most houses that belong to people who actually inhabit our planet. YouTuber Scott Winn has created another Star Wars themed video, this time emulating the popular MTV show Cribs, as he takes us on a tour around a stormtrooper’s colossal house.

Located on Sector 21, Coruscant, the house features 17 bedrooms, 81 baths, a pool and a gravity room. The stormtrooper “TK-429,” also known as “Supernova,” guides the film crew from “Empire TV” through the house, explaining the different rooms and items. He shows the crew all the “Wookie milk” in his kitchen and a hallway painting of the stormtrooper holding his cat who died when the Death Star exploded.

The crew continues to the basement with a game room and home theater, where TK-429’s fellow stormtrooper friends are playing billiards and watching movies. There’s even a stormtrooper practicing his moves in the dance room; he was featured in Winn’s first Star Wars themed video, the popular stormtrooper hip-hop dance video.

TK-429 goes on to show viewers his tie-fighter and pool, where he hosts a pool party with several other Star Wars characters. However, at the end, Darth Vader doesn’t seem too happy about it all and deals with the stormtroopers accordingly.

Enjoy the MTV Cribs Star Wars edition short and watch the making of it here:

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