With Nokia On-board, Microsoft’s New Ad Wants You to Be ‘Not Like Everybody Else’ [VIDEO]

Microsoft has pitted Windows Phone as the one unique option in the smartphone market for some time (remember the Lumia 920 commercial where a wedding broke into a battle of Apple fanboys vs. phandroids?). So it’s no surprise that Microsoft‘s first ad since acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services unit stresses the uniqueness of Nokia Windows phones.

With The Kinks’ “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” as a soundtrack, the commercial follows a man dressed in a bright yellow parka as he walks through black-and-white streets. As his magenta-gloved hands pull out his yellow Lumia 1020 and matching yellow earbuds, passersby gape in awe at his colorful gadget. The end of the ad promotes the hashtag #morecolorful, stressing that Nokia‘s distinctive appeal starts with its colorful build.

Nokia said as much on its blog:

Color runs through our devices; it’s part of our DNA. From the bright and bold Nokia X family to the metallic-fused Lumia 930, our colors draw attention and make heads turn. It’s what sets us apart from our competitors and what many of you love about our design ethos.

Former Nokia employees now part of Microsoft are marking the change by tweeting about the campaign:

It makes sense for Microsoft to tout the unique look of Nokia phones, and the ad is done well, but I hope that in the future Microsoft will promote other unique features of Nokia phones. The way a phone looks is far from being the only factor that makes it enjoyable to use. The Windows Phone interface, for example, is a prime distinguishing feature to be marketed.

Windows Phone Nokia ad screencap

What do you think of Microsoft’s Nokia ad?

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