Microsoft Continues its Scroogled Campaign With a Leaked Google Chrome Parody Video

A hilarious internal video poking fun at Google Chrome has just leaked out of Microsoft headquarters. According to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed that the ad is genuine. It’s “an internal video that was leaked,” Microsoft said. Of course the video found its way to the web and has since gone viral. The timing of the video’s release is a little conspicuous given the big Google I/O Conference taking place.

The video is a direct parody to Google’s own Chrome ad, using the same music and theme. In Google’s version, the bouncing Chrome ball shows off the simplicity of Google’s services. “Chrome has you covered. For everyone. Now everywhere,” Google’s video touts. In Microsoft’s parody, however, the ball now displays Google allegedly watching your every move in order to target you with relevant ads. In Microsoft’s version of the ad, the Chrome ball tracks everything you do on all your devices no matter where you are, including what you search, what you buy, and who you call, email, and chat.

Check out the original Chrome: Now Everywhere version too

While Microsoft may be 100% accurate in their assessment, I wonder if their slander campaign isn’t doing Microsoft more harm than good. While slightly humorous, their communications seem to make them look foolish while providing Google free advertising. In the last few weeks, for example, Microsoft’s press releases have been full of as much negativity toward Google as positivity for Microsoft’s brand. With titles like, “Businesses choose Microsoft Office 365 over Google Apps” and “Don’t Get Scroogled by Gmail,” it seems Microsoft has grown insecure in their products. Or at least scared of Google’s virality.

I’ve never seen a corporation the size of Microsoft dedicate so much effort toward knocking another company. It’s borderline childish. Is Microsoft really gaining anything by mentioning Google at every turn?

During an appearance at the I/O Conference on Wednesday, Google CEO Larry Page didn’t directly mention Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign; he did, however, provide some of his thoughts on the negativity Google receives from other companies and the press. “Every story I read about Google, it’s kind of us versus some other company, or some stupid thing,” said Page. “And I just don’t find that very interesting.”

The tension appears to be rising between Google and Microsoft, perhaps at an all-time high after Google killed Microsoft’s YouTube app yesterday.


Though this Scroogled ad is admittedly funny, Microsoft could probably do better with its dwindling resources by concerning themselves with the catastrophe known as Windows 8 or the death of IE. What do you think?

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