Watch the Music Video to Michael Jackson’s New Old Song ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ Featuring Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson is back. At least he is with a new music video for previously unreleased song “Love Never Felt So Good” featuring Justin Timberlake. The song is part of Jackson’s new album XSCAPE, a collection of previously unreleased songs that are tweaked to add a fresh and modern sound, while still preserving the essence and character of Jackson.

The music video brings Jackson back to life, honoring the icon with clips of him dancing and singing. The video also pays tribute to Jackson by recreating his old videos with dancers performing his dance moves. For instance, you can see in the video the classic “Thriller” dance and video scenes or when Jackson danced on pool tables in “Beat It.” People in the music video wear outfits inspired by Jackson’s style and even wear T-shirts with the new XSCAPE album art printed on them.

In the video, Timberlake plays a major role in honoring the music icon. He dances, sings along to Jackson’s part in the song and a little ways into the video, takes over vocals. As he dances throughout the video, intermittent clips of Jackson are showed, making it seem as though Timberlake and Jackson are dancing together.

The video is a fun watch and cleverly created to pay perfect tribute to one of the greatest musical artists that moon-walked this Earth.

via Uproxx

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